With OptimiStra, give autonomy to your employees

You meet performance and organisational problems in your company? OptimiStra offers what lacks in many trainings: concrete self-empowering tools for your employees, as well as a custom made training meeting your very needs.

You probably noticed yourself one of the big shortcomings of various trainings people can find on the market. Those often remain at a theoretical level. You leave the training with a heavy training manual which gives the sensation that you’ve learned something. However, nothing changes… Because above theory, it’s really practice that sets people in motion. Moreover, it needs to be a practice that meets the company’s real needs.

Autonomy is the key to your employees’ motivation, because it results in engagement. Without autonomy, your company may suffer financial loss of which you’re possibly not even aware of.

Our solutions: concrete tools

OptimiStra offers short, very condensed trainings, combining the necessary theory with self-empowering practice, in the following fields:

  • learning – Learning to learn
  • stress and emotion management – With easy and powerful techniques
  • creativity and efficiency – With mind mapping

A adapted to your very needs, with a program defined according to your expectations.

Contact us to define together the most adapted solution to your needs!