Consulting and expertise

OptimiStra, a recognized partner for your projects

In spite of all the best will of your teams, do you face a lack of fluidity in the management or the engineering of your Information Systems evolution projects? OptimiStra helps you in your strategic projects.

Team leading, work of analysis, planning, contingency management…: project management requires a full time mobilization. Lost in the action, in everyday tasks, you may loose sight of the original issues, being embroiled in technical choices that are not necessarily the best ones. You may focus on problems instead of focusing on solutions.

An external point of view to propel your projects

OptimiStra brings you an external and neutral point of view, necessary to help you take a little distance and find the path leading to your goals.

OptimiStra‘s leader experience in huge Information System projects (PSA Peugeot Citroen: human resources information system recast, worldwide logistics information system recast…) allows him to help you in every aspects of your project: organization, technical platforms, implementation…

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