With OptimiStra, professional coaches recognized by the French State

Your employees are stressed? You face sick leaves caused by burnouts and depression? The new law on psychosocial risks makes you fear legal troubles? OptimiStra’s professional coaches are recognized by the French State (RNCP level 1, equivalent to a Master’s degree), which is a quality guarantee.

Don’t wait for the first accident to happen!

The lawmaker took drastic measures to protect the employee, but he also proposed different ways to give an answer to those requirements.

Since a few years, actually, coaching has been recognized by the French State (Registre National des Certifications Professionnelles – RNCP). But only a few coaching trainings give access to the Master Coach RNCP level 1 certification, because the requirement level is proportional to the quality level required by the law.

OptimiStra‘s coaches are recognized by the State. Moreover, most of OptimiStra‘s coaches are trained in the Systemic Approach, as well as to many other approaches related to mental strategies.

Solutions adapted to your problems

Development coaching, transition coaching, team coaching, or executive coaching, OptimiStra will find with you the ideal solution to answer your needs.

Contact us for more information on everything OptimiStra will bring to your structure, and we’ll answer to you with pleasure and meet you to talk about it together.