Michel Wozniak

Michel Wozniakphoto-Michel-en

Manager and founder of OptimiStra (optimization of strategies), Michel Wozniak is passionate by the human being as well as by human behaviours.

With 13 years of experience working for companies on strategic projects on a world scale, Michel could live from the inside what stress may cause, and thus he could understand its mechanisms.

He also has 8 years of trainings in the understanding of the human being. This represents a huge investment in time and money, as well as hundreds of books read and studies. Thanks to this investment, Michel could sum up what we know today about the human brain, and ally the theory with practice in a professional and individual environment.

It’s this very expertise that he offers to you through OptimiStra.

His work has been recommended by the Steering Committee of PSA Peugeot Citroen concerning the management of strategic projects (as well as the connected human aspect), as well as by the clinical director of one of the best drug rehabilitation centres in the world, Habilitat (Hawaii), for the work he’s done on stress, emotions and addictions.

Discover his complete resume as well as some references in the linked file.